Big Mac Sauce - It's That Simple

For the correct clone taste: Use the ingredient brands mentioned.

​Big Mac Sauce Ingredients:
3 heaping tablespoons Best Foods Real Mayonnaise or 
Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise
1 heaping tablespoon Wish-Bone Thousand Island Dressing
1 heaping tablespoon Vlasic Sweet Relish
1 teaspoon dehydrated dry onions

Big Mac sauce instructions:
Mayonnaise already contains many ingredients needed for Big Mac Tartar Sauce such as oil, egg yolk and either vinegar or lemon juice and embellished with other herbs and spices.
Mix all ingredients well, cover and let set in refrigerator for at least 1 hour or until onions soften. Store leftover sauce for up to 3 days.
Add 1 tablespoon per sandwich
Enough for 4-5 Big Boy or Big Mac Sandwiches.

* Also good as a fish sauce. BIG MAC SAUCE RECIPE.

Big Mac Sauce was created to compete with the ever popular Big-Boy Restaurants and it's Big-Boy hamburger sauce. Both sauce are similar with a hint of sweetness.

With so many Original Big-Boy restaurants a thing of the past, some people still crave the Big-Boy Sauce used on their Hamburgers and Diamond Jim sandwiches. While this being our quick version of the Big Mac Sauce the authentic recipe for it can be found here.. Big Mac Special Sauce

A Big Mac is a hamburger sold by McDonald's. It consists of two beef patties, special Big Mac sauce, iceberg lettuce, Cheddar-blend Cheese, pickles, and onions, served inside a three part sesame seed bun.

Copy Cat Recipe for Big Mac Sauce.
This McDonald's special sauce for Big Mac hamburger sandwiches contains a sweet Thousand Island dressing. 

Toasting the bun: heat a fry pan using a medium high heat. Lightly toast the inside of fresh buns and set aside until ready to use.

Your finished Big Mac should be "Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun." 

The Big Mac first appeared in a Pennsylvania restaurant in 1967. It was designed to compete with a similar Big Boy sandwich. One of its most distinctive features is a middle slice of bread "club style.” to help support stacking items.

*Hellmann's and Best Foods are brand names that are used for the same line of mayonnaise and other food products. The Hellmann's brand is sold in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains, and also in Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Canada. The Best Foods brand is sold in the United States west of the Rockies, and also in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Hellmann's and Best Foods are basically marketed the same way. They both have similar logos and web sites, and they have the same English slogan: "Bring out the best." The Spanish slogan is "Haz una cara...Hellmann's!" (roughly translated to "Make a Hellman's face!"). In Brazil it is "Hellmann's, a verdadeira maionese" (Hellmann's, the true mayonnaise).

Both brands were previously sold by the U.S.-based Bestfoods Corporation, which also sold several other food products in addition to Hellmann's and Best Foods mayonnaise. Bestfoods, before 1997 known as CPC international, was acquired by Unilever in 2000.

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