How to Cook Crab
 Drawn butter Recipe

Crab Legs:
Rinse Wash and Brush Scrub Crab Legs and Claws

Heat  pre-cooked Crab Legs by steaming them while they are still frozen.

Place pre-cooked frozen crab legs in a vegetable 
steamer or colander over heavy and rapid boiling 
water (fill pot about 1/3 of the way with water.) 
Cover tightly and steam them 10-12 minutes 
until heated through and through.
Pre-cooked crab legs can be eaten cold without 
cooking otherwise they just need heating without 
further cooking. Other heating methods besides 
steaming will result in moisture loss in the crab meat 
thereby drying it out.

If you do not have a vegetable steamer or colander steam pot, use a large deep pot, add only 2-3 cups of water and bring to a full boil, place the precooked frozen crab legs and claws into the pot and keep adding small amounts of water as it evaporates, keep it steaming. This takes a bit longer to thaw and heat your crab. The purpose is to steam them without submerging and boiling them in deep water.

Seafood requires a shorter cooking time than beef, lamb or chicken and because most species of seafood have a low fat and high water content they can easily be overcooked. Pre-cooked shellfish can be eaten cold, warm or hot.  Too much steaming will toughen the flesh as it dries out making the meat harder to get out and too much cooking when submerged in water will make the flesh soggy.

Frozen precooked crab legs are a simple to make.
Just heat and serve.

Cooked crabs turn a red or bright orange color

For freshness and for safety reasons always buy precooked frozen crab legs and claws. If the crab legs and claws are thawed out in the seafood counter don’t buy them. Ask for frozen ones, get them home quick while still frozen and put them in your freezer until you are ready to eat them. 

How to handle and cook live crabs:

Fill a deep pot ¾ full with water, place on burner
and turn dial on high, after water starts to boil 
add 2 tablespoon salt then bring to a rapid boil. 
Grasp the live crab by the back legs and 
drop it into the water headfirst. 
Bring the water back to the boil and
cook large crabs for about 20 minutes, small 
crabs for 12 minutes. 
Crabs will turn a bright reddish orange color 
once cooked.
Place pot under a water faucet and cool water 
rinse them
They are now ready to serve

Boiling Crab Legs -  add 1 tablespoon salt or 1 tablespoon vinegar to the water. Fill a pot approximately ½ to 2/3 full of water depending on the number of crab legs to be boiled. 
Bring water to a heavy boil. Place uncooked crab legs into the boiling water and allow the water to return to a boil. Reduce the heat to medium and cook them approximately 20-25 minutes. They will turn red.

Serve with clarified melted butter and lemon wedges or cocktail sauce.

Clarified Butter (A.K.A.: Ghee)
Clarified Butter -  Better Restaurants serve Clarified Butter as a dipping for Seafood's such as Lobster, Crab Meat, etc. Clarified Butter is less apt to give your stomach a greasy after effect as melted regular butter could.

Place butter in a saucepan, melt and bring to a boil under moderate heat, watch carefully, as soon as the froth on the surface starts to disperse, remove from heat and allow to cool. Skim off the froth (it is fat) and discard. Pour into a jar but not the sediment on the bottom of pan.
Unlike butter or margarine, clarified butter will keep almost indefinitely without refrigeration. 

Serve your crab dinner with a fresh garden salad adding your favorite salad dressing or serve with a side dish of Cole slaw,  baked potato and sliced Italian bread.

Baked PotatoCold water rinse wash the potatoes 
while scrubbing the skins with a soft brush. 
Bake them in oven at 400-F until done or a fork 
inserted in them goes in very easy. 
To serve, use a small knife to cut a cross on top. 
With fingers; push sides and ends inwards to fluff 
it open. Lightly mash with a fork then sprinkle with 
a little salt then sprinkle on some mild shredded cheddar cheese. 
Let potato set while cheese melts then top with a tablespoon of sour cream, sprinkle on some fresh chopped chives, chopped garden onion stems or paprika spice then serve.

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