Zigeunerspeck Hungarian bacon 
whenever camping.
mmm Good!

Purchase a thick cut, smoked cured, slab of Hungarian (Zigeunerspeck) bacon with the rind still attached. 
Cut bacon into about 4" by 2" chunks and notch the sides
a few times about 1/3 inch deep. Skewer it on a long, fallen ground tree twig, hold it high over the top of the flame on your campfire until the bacon starts to cook and
sizzle, keep rotating it slowly over the flame until bacon
is heavily  dripping, dab some dripping on a slice of rye bread. When cooked outside crispy to your satisfaction and ready to eat, slide the cooked bacon off the stick by grabbing and folding the slice of rye bread around it as you pull it off the stick. Spoon a tablespoon of barbeque baked beans and sprinkle with some thin diced sweet onion. 
*Optional; sprinkle with a little mild paprika.

Notes: Gypsy bacon - Zigeunerspeck. Bacon can be bought at German or Hungarian deli or meat markets. Great for campfire cooking, soak on breads! - Smoked Bacon. The best quality bacon, cured and precooked with raw garlic and sometimes Hungarian paprika. It is then smoked, producing a delicious delicate taste. Also great served cold with bread and a tomato or a green pepper. Will keep under refrigeration for a long period of time

Hiking the trails? Fill your drinking water canteen, in your backpack, stuff in a hunk of crusty French baguette bread and "Cserkesz Kolbasz", Hungarian Cooked Smoked Sausage. Slightly dry and great to munch on. Cserkesz Scout Sausage is called the boy scout sausage because it used to be carried by Hungarian Boy Scouts in their back packs.

Coney Island Hot Dog Sauce  
Make this sauce in advance to take on your next camping 
or hunting trip to put on campfire roasted Hot Dogs. Freeze is in zip lock bags.

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