Fun in the Galley (Kitchen) 
Little Kid and Big Kid Recipes
Ahoy Me Matey;
Waz Cookin'?
Shiver Me Timbers Buccaneers,
Wat a Party Ye Gonna' 'ave
I'm Captain Jolly  Kid 
and I sail the 7 Seas...
Yo Ho-Ho and a bottle of root beer...
For a Pirate Party, Kid's love Chocolate Milk, Hot dogs, Chips, Bologna and cheese Sandwiches, Pizza, Fish Sticks, Chicken Nuggets plus an Ice Cream Cake from Dairy Queen or Baskin-Robbins. For a great Veggie to munch on... see our "Walk the Plank" recipe.
Kid Pirate's of the Caribbean Recipes 
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Recommended Kids Party DVD Movies: 
Peter Pan (2003), 
The Pirates of Tortuga 
Under the Black Flag (2003),
Scooby-Doo in Pirates Ahoy
 (2006), Pirate Kids
Blackbeard's Lost Treasure (2004),
The Good Housekeeping Kids
The Princess and The Pirate (1997)