Party Cocktail - Non Alcoholic

Four Steps to Successful Fruit Juice Beverages

1. Sweetening: Use a sugar syrup for sweetening, since a syrup give smoothness not obtained with granulated sugar. (In the summertime it is well to keep a covered jar in the refrigerator.)
2. Blending: When combining two or more fruit juices or beverages, always have one predominate in flavor.
3. Ripening: Store the combined mixture in the refrigerator for at least half hour or longer to improve the flavors. Add the carbonated flavor just before serving.
4. Serving: Serve well chilled. When possible use ice cubes made of the predominate fruit flavor. If plain ice cubes are used, allow for dilution of melting ice.

1 cup sugar
1 cup water
Combine sugar and water and boil at least 5 minutes. Cool, keep chilled. Store in covered jar any left over syrup for later use. This recipe makes one cup of syrup.
Note: one cup sugar water is the same as using one cup of sugar

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