Grilled Reuben or Rubin, Reubin Sandwich

Tips:When preparing grilled Reuben 
sandwiches, always grill the corned beef 
and sauerkraut before placing on grilling bread.
 Grill slices of bread open- faced with one slice
 of cheese on each slice of bread. Pour 1,000 
Island dressing over assembled sandwich, cover and slice. 

Each Sandwich
2 tablespoon Sauerkraut, 
Softened butter for spreading,
1 tablespoon Wish-Bone Brand of Thousand 
Island Salad Dressing,
2 slices Caraway seed Rye Bread,
Thin sliced Corned Beef sandwich meat,
1 slice Swiss Cheese,
Optional; 1 medium thick slice of cooked Turkey Breast.

This Method:
Drain, but do not rinse, sauerkraut. Butter one side of 2 pieces of rye bread then place one slice with butter face down in a medium heated fry pan. Place 1 tablespoon of sauerkraut mixture in the center, spoon 1 tablespoon thousand island salad dressing on top of sauerkraut then place 2 or 3 slices of meat and 1 slice of cheese. Place another piece of bread on top with buttered side face up. After browning the bottom side flip over with a spatula and fry the other side until brown and cheese has melted. Press down hard with the spatula while frying to flatten the grilling sandwich.

*Best to wash and dry a brick, warp it in 
aluminum foil and place it on top of any 
grilling sandwich to weigh it down for even
*Mixing the salad dressing with a pinch 
of horseradish is optional.

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