Cooking BBQ Ribs
The Secret to making tender slabs of Pork Ribs 
Note: Use large size tin-foil 18'' wide

Water rinse slab/slabs of pork ribs then pat dry with paper towels, place rib slab with curved bone-side down on a  large sheet of aluminum foil then slightly lift foil sides to make a pocket and pour one cup water then sprinkle top side of meat with salt and pepper.

In small fold amounts, fold tin foil top and both ends, crease each fold tightly, do this several times as you do not want the juices or steam to leak out during the baking. Place each rib bundle on a long enough baking pan sheet.

Bake each slab at 350-F for 1-2  hours until done. To check for doneness, pierce foil top with a fork and poke between the bones to check if meat is very tender.

After ribs are baked tender, 
spread wide open the whole 
top of tin foil including the 
sides to expose the whole rib 
slab (being careful of the 
hot escaping steam) Do not
remove the juices. 
Put some sauce in a cup and dab plenty of sauce 
all over the top side of rib slab, then the sides and 
exposed bones.

Turn your oven dial to broil and broil Ribs for several minutes until outer sauce sizzles to a rich reddish brown (Avoid blackening sauce very much) Dab on more sauce and broil again, flip ribs over and do that side too.
Note: When using an oven broiler make sure to leave the oven door cracked open.

If you enjoy a sweet sauce on Pork Ribs; try this Secret Recipe Sauce 

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