​Three Layer Jell-o Fruit Salad

1 package Banana Jello
1 cup Whipping Cream
1 package Lemon Jello
8 oz package Cream Cheese
1 package Grape Jello
1 (20 oz can) crushed Pineapple, save the juice from can
6 Pear halves, save the juice from can
6 maraschino cherries
Optional: 1/3 cup chopped celery in second layer

This is a three-layer salad to be made in two bread pans or three small loaf pans or use Jello mold pans.

First layer: Dissolve package of Lemon Jell-o in one cup of boiling water and add all the juice in pear can diluting with cold water if needed to make one cup. Place pear halves in pan face down with a cherry in middle of each pear. Pour cherry Jello over pears and put in refrigerator to jell. 

Second layer: Dissolve Banana Jell-o in one cup of boiling water and add one cup of cold water. Let thicken in refrigerator. Then add one cup of cool whip whipping cream and fold it into the lemon Jell-o, now spread cream cheese which has been left out at room temperature onto the cherry Jello then spoon the lemon Jell-o mixed with whipping cream over the cherry Jello topped with cream cheese and allow chilling until set. 

Third layer: Dissolve Grape Jell-o in one cup of boiling water and add one cup of pineapple juice. Add crushed pineapple and pour over all the other layers. Chill until set 

When pan is flipped over to remove the Jell-o mold, the red layer will be on top, the white in the center and the green at the bottom. 

18 to 20 servings​