Bagel Combinations

1.) Chopped chicken and ham with pickle slices, half mustard and half mayo mixed to spread on sliced bagel.

2.) Chopped ham, green pepper slices with a fried egg on a toasted sliced bagel.

3.) Chopped dates mixed with cream cheese on a bagel (toasted is optional) Thin cream cheese with a few drops of water to spread.

4.) Grated pineapple, cream cheese and chopped pecans on a bagel (toasted is optional)

5.) Sardines with chopped hard-boiled egg mixed with mayonnaise spread, on a bagel.

6.) Crab meat mixed with minced celery, salad dressing and watercress plants spread on sliced bagel.

7.) Peanut butter mixed with pimento and bacon pieces, add some cucumber slices, on a sliced bagel.

8.) Chopped pork, mixed with mayonnaise salad dressing, sweet pickle slices and a lettuce leaf on a sliced bagel.

9,) Canned tuna fish mixed with mayonnaise, a slice of tomato and two slices of fried bacon strips on a toasted bagel.