Cutting up a whole chicken

Use a fresh or frozen 4.5-6 lb chicken. If using a frozen chicken, thaw it in the refrigerator 2-3 days in advance until it is still in an icy stage then cut it. After cutting, finish thawing it in the refrigerator then fry the same day or next.
Everyone will enjoy an assortment of fried chicken pieces placed on the table. Poultry pieces purchased from a butcher shop or supermarket are sometimes poorly trimmed and pound for pound are usually more expensive than a whole bird and.. there is a bonus.. in giblets that come with the whole bird. The process is simple, all you need are a chopping board and a heavy, sharp-edged chef’s knife.

The quick, efficient way to disjoint a bird produces the 10 pieces shown above, The diagram identifies the location of each piece on the bird. Drumsticks (A) and thighs (B) provide four sections; the wings (C) two. The back (D and E), cut crosswise and the breast (F), divided lengthwise, will produce four more.