How to Cook Crab

Frozen Crab Legs:
Rinse wash and brush scrub crab legs and claws
Heat precooked crab legs by steaming them while they are still frozen.
Place legs in a vegetable steamer or colander over heavy and rapid boiling 
water (fill pot about 1/3 of the way with water.) 
Cover tightly and steam them 10-12 minutes or until heated through.
Precooked crab legs can be eaten cold without cooking otherwise they just need heating without further cooking. Other heating methods besides steaming will result in moisture loss in the crab meat 
thereby drying it out.
If you do not have a vegetable steamer or colander steam pot, use a large deep pot, add only 2-3 cups of water and bring to a full boil, place the precooked frozen crab legs and claws into the pot and keep adding small amounts of water as it evaporates, keep it steaming. This takes a bit longer to thaw and heat your crab. The purpose is to steam them without submerging and boiling them in deep water.
Precooked crab meat can be eaten cold, warm or hot.

Cooked crabs are a red or bright orange color.

For freshness and for safety reasons always buy precooked frozen crab legs and claws. If the crab legs and claws are thawed out in the seafood counter don’t buy them. Ask for frozen ones, get them home quick while still frozen and put them in your freezer until you are ready to eat them.

How to handle and cook live crabs:
Fill a deep pot ¾ full with water, place on burner and turn dial on high, after water starts to boil add 2 tablespoon salt then bring to a rapid boil. 
Grasp the live crab by the back legs and drop it into the water headfirst. 
Bring the water back to the boil and
cook large crabs for about 20 minutes, small crabs for 12 minutes. 
Crabs will turn a bright reddish orange color once cooked.
Place pot under a water faucet and cool water rinse them,they are now ready to serve

How to cook frozen 
uncooked crab legs

Boiling Crab Legs - add 1 tablespoon salt or 1 tablespoon vinegar to the water. Fill a pot approximately ½ to 2/3 full of water depending on the number of crab legs to be boiled. 
Bring water to a heavy boil. Place uncooked crab legs into the boiling water and allow the water to return to a boil. Reduce the heat to medium and cook them approximately 20-25 minutes. They will turn red.​

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