STEAK - Pan Fried 
and a Breaded Fried Onion Recipe

Fry each Steak in a Skillet using 1 tablespoon butter and 1 tablespoon cooking oil, this will seal in flavor and keep steak tender. When a barbecue flame is used it will quickly burn, blacken and dry out a dripping steak but a Steak cooked in a frying pan under a medium heat will retain flavor as the heat can be better controlled and the steak will be cooked in it's own natural juice.
‚ÄčOptional: Fry steak with some mushrooms

Select a 1/2" or 3/4" thick Steak (bone-in simply 
means, meat with a bone.)

Coat steak in the oil on both sides. Sprinkle lightly with garlic powder, black pepper and salt. Rub the spices in with fingers on both sides. Fry each side, using a medium low heat. Well done steaks are not recommended as they will be tough.

In another fry pan, fry the sliced prepared onions while frying the steaks.

Breaded Fried Onions Recipe:
In a bowl, have two or more large sliced onions that have been soaked in milk for 15-60 minutes then remove onions from milk and coat them in a bowl that has flour and some salt and pepper in it. Using a medium high heat, pre-heat enough oil in a separate deep fry pan so onions can float. Careful of hot splatter, scatter the onions in the oil. In a few minutes they will fry to a light gold, quickly remove onions from oil. (Do not over fry). Place them on stacked paper towels. Shaker some salt on onions then pile some onions on top of each cooked steaks.