Photo's of popular types of Steak and their names. How to select better tasting steaks

What sets prime better tasting quality meat apart is the fat. Prime meat is expensive and not readily found in the United States supermarkets. Prime beef is mostly shipped to other counties because they will pay a higher price for it then the average American household can afford.
That leaves most Americans with Choice grade beef.. in which the livestock is fed and raised different then prime cattle is. Some choice meat can be good tasting if you know what to look for.
Marbled meat has fat finely speckled throughout it which will keep the meat fibers from tightening up during cooking. The flavor of meat comes from the fat.

The US has a quality grade system to label this aspect. The scale is Prime, Choice, Select, Standard, etc... Prime is of course the best. Only 2 % of all US beef is graded Prime. 
​When purchasing steak, look for marbled-fat steaks that look like the photos below.